Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a revolutionary exercising technology that provides numerous health and fitness benefits, compared to traditional exercise methods. Vibration exercise is far more effective, efficient and fun! Read More THE SYNERGY OF BodyVibe Whole Body Vibration Get Strong. Get fit. Be Beautiful. Achieve the body you’ve always desired! Read More

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A company devoted to the pursuit of ultimate wellness and fitness. We offer a complete line of whole body vibration devices from commercial units to reasonably priced home systems. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) enhanced exercise training is the newest and most revolutionary fitness and wellness concept to hit the global exercise industry in the last 30 years since aerobics, spinning and kickboxing.

Top medical centers around the world, professional sports organizations, elite training facilities, Olympic teams and well known health clubs are currently using various whole body devices as an adjunct to their other exercise training equipment.

Now, with millions of hours of actual whole body vibration use throughout the world, we can confidently say that it is one of the safest, most effective and easiest exercise systems presently available for anyone to use. Its applications range from elite fitness conditioning to total body wellness, improved sports performance and aging.

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Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Machine

Weight Loss

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Wellness & Beauty

Anti Aging

Corporate Wellness

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Sports Performance

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General Fitness

General Fitness by Whole Body Vibration

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Why Whole Body Vibration Machines Are Gaining Popularity These Days

People are getting busy in their routine and don’t have enough time to look after their health and fitness. After the whole body vibration machines come into access to ordinary people, it makes their life easy. These machines not only reduce workout time but helps in toning body shape and reducing extra body fat without…

Whole Body Vibration: Everything You Wanted To Know About

Whole body vibration offers fitness and health benefits. With whole-body vibration machines, you can stand, sit or lie on a machine with a vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates and transmits energy to your body, results in your muscles to contract and relax some times each second. This activity may exert pressure, but it is…


Top 5 Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration Machines

People are using whole body vibration machines at the gym also. It contributes to their fitness in one place. People think how sitting and standing can affect their health with the help of this vibrator machine. These exercises are a bit different from traditional practice, where moving around or lifting something heavy is considered productive…