Disclaimer: Body Vibe is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The studies referenced herein this web site are provided for general information only. These independent studies reference the years of research into Whole Body Vibration exercise and training and their research is independent of the Body Vibe technology. These studies have not been evaluated by the FDA.

While the use of vibration exercise and training is a still relatively new concept to most health, fitness and medical professionals, a wide body of supportive clinical research exists substantiating its potential long term value in human health and performance.

Much more research needs to be done in this area, but the overwhelming consistency of findings from scientific research that currently exists is a compelling precursor to Body Vibe’s potential applications and impact on this revolutionary method of training and exercise.

Daily resistance exercise has been shown in hundreds of clinical studies worldwide to improve, build and maintain optimum health and fitness in humans. The Body Vibe machine allows the user to more regularly, efficiently and effectively perform daily resistance training so that they can derive the benefits of exercise in their lives and bodies. The machine provides the exercise resistance through gravitational force effects similar to weightlifting while the actual exercise movements create the health benefits. Resistance exercise and not the machine lead to the health and fitness building results discussed below.
Overall Benefits of Resistance Exercise Training

Resistance Exercise Training Improves Fitness

• Improves Sports Performance
• Increases Muscle Strength
• Increases Lean Muscle Mass
• Boosts Metabolism and Fat Burning
• Increases Flexibility and Mobility
• Improves Cardiovascular Function and Endurance

Resistance Exercise Training Improves Health

• Increases Lymphatic Drainage
• Improves Bone Health
• Improves Circulation
• Increases Body Oxygenation
• Improves Nutrient Uptake and Utilization
• Enhances Balance and Coordination
• Increases Hormone Secretion
• Improves Brain Function and Health
• Improves Immune Health

Resistance Exercise Training Improves Vitality and Wellbeing

• Improves Mood
• Optimizes Hormone Levels
• Reduces Pain
• Improves Vitality and Energy Levels
• Improves Mind Body Balance
• Increases Sex Drive and Performance
• Invigorates the Body
• Improves Memory