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HoloCode Manuka Honey Water

HoloCode® Selfie Water with Vitamin IQTM technology is a nutrient dense, functional water that contains a broad spectrum of ingredients designed to support the HoloCode® healing and regeneration process. Vitamin IQTM technology uses a person’s holographic energy signature or HoloCode®, captured via their Selfie video or HoloScan®, to impart an innate active intelligence quotient to the ingredients found in the water. This active nutrient intelligence quotient, helps to direct and bio-align the nutrients, to the consumer’s specific cells for maximum HoloCode® projection (For a more detailed explanation of the HoloCode® Selfie Water concept go to

HoloCode Selfie Water has been ultra-purified of all chemical and energetic contaminants, using proprietary methods, and then super-infused with oxygen. This purification and super-oxygenation process restores the water to a more primal state in which toxins and negative frequencies are eliminated so that the water is now a “clean slate” for optimum imprinting of the HoloCode®.




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