Manuka HoloCode Selfie Water (Single Case: Twelve (12) One (1) Liter Glass Bottles)



Manuka HoloCode® Selfie Water with Vitamin IQ TM technology is a nutrient dense, functional water that contains a broad spectrum of ingredients designed to support the HoloCode® healing and regeneration process. Vitamin IQTM technology uses a person’s holographic energy signature or HoloCode®, captured via their Selfie video or HoloScan®, to impart an innate active intelligence quotient to the ingredients found in the water. This active nutrient intelligence quotient, helps to direct and bio-align the nutrients, to the consumer’s specific cells for maximum HoloCode® projection (For a more detailed explanation of the HoloCode® Selfie Water concept go to

HoloCode®  Selfie Water has been ultra-purified of all chemical and energetic contaminants, using proprietary methods, and then super-infused with oxygen. This purification and super-oxygenation process restores the water to a more primal state in which toxins and negative frequencies are eliminated so that the water is now a “clean slate” for optimum imprinting of the HoloCode®.

A few of the Vitamin IQ activated nutrients used in this formula include: Manuka Honey**with MGO which supports enhanced immunity and fights against pathogens, Aquamin®, a sea plant derived complex of 72 trace marine minerals that provides one of the best sources of calcium, PrimaVie® Shilajit which boosts mitochondrial energy levels and reduces fatigue, Pre-B®, a fermented macrobiotic food blend that acts as a pre-biotic in the digestive system, AstraReal® Astazanthin, a potent anti-oxidant which protects retinal health, CherryPURE®, a tart cherry juice that boosts muscle endurance and recovery, AroniaPURE®, a super fruit with high concentrations of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, and Energy Smart®, a low glycemic, diabetic friendly sweetener that balances out the water’s flavor profile.

Directions: Using the high resolution camera on your smart phone, take approximately a 5 minute Selfie video of yourself. The Selfie can be of the entire body or just your face only. The face must be included in the Selfie. Take the Selfie using the highest resolution setting on your phone. Usually, the highest setting is denoted as HDR or High Definition Resolution. The higher the megapixels, the better the capture rate of your HoloCode® image. Once your Selfie is captured, play the video to the bottled water by leaning your smart phone against the HoloCode® water bottle in the designated area between the two label ends as indicated by the arrows. Play the full video for the entire 5 minutes to the optimized water. The water will become imprinted with your HoloCode®.

Once complete, the water is now ready to drink. The starting dosage of Selfie water is 1 to 2 cups per day for every 75 lbs of body weight. So if you weigh 150 lbs, then drink 2 to 4 cups per day. If you experience headaches, fatigue or other detoxification side effects, reduce daily consumption by 50% or stop the water entirely for a few days in order to allow the body to catch up to the new healthier you being downloaded and re-projected. Repeat your HoloCode® Selfie video capture, using your smart phone, once per week or once every month, if having HoloScans® performed. Always update your Selfie weekly, or monthly, and remember to delete the previous week’s video, so it can’t be used again to imprint the water.

This “Selfie” water consumption process helps to restore definition or resolution to your HoloImageTM projection, especially, when resolution is lost from life stressors, toxic emotions and people, and environmental traumas. HoloCode® water combines modern day-technology with ancient earth whole foods elevating the science of functional water based supplementation to an entirely new dimension.


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