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Whole Body Vibration enhanced exercise training causes dramatic changes on all body levels from the effect of exercise on the body. As a result, the nutrient demands during body building are significantly increased. The cell not only needs more oxygen and glucose to meet the increased metabolic demands from advanced vibration exercise training , but it also needs key nutrients such as amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals. Consequently, Body Vibe International introduces VIBRACEUTICALS as a new class of supplements that have been specially design by Dr. Keith DeOrio, a world expert in the field of Whole Body Vibration and nutrition. VIBRACEUTICALS are rapid delivery powders, capsules and liquids that contain all the nutrient complexes required by the body during Whole Body Vibration training. They are mixed or taken with water 15 minutes before a vibration workout in order to ensure the highest blood nutrient levels possible prior to the workout. That way the body can receive all the building blocks it needs once the high vibration exercise is invoked.

Every bodily function including breathing, thinking, digestion, sleep and every movement we make requires the generation and expenditure of energy. This energy production is generated within each cell of the body in the mitochondria (the power plant of the cell). These individual cells join together to form tissue which then forms muscles, organs, glands, and the brain. Without the optimal or at least adequate amount of fuel these cells, tissues, muscles, and organs cannot function properly or efficiently and start to misfire like a car running out of gas. Continued or chronic malfunctioning and break- down leads to diminished health in varying degrees of disease, aging and eventually death. The specific fuel requirements for cellular energy production and metabolic activity are a finely orchestrated synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants all mixed in a pool of other healthy vibrations.

Dr. DeOrio has discovered that most problems encountered during the healing or rejuvenative process occur when blockages arise at the cellular level preventing the uptake of nutrients, oxygen, essential fats and glucose. Body Vibe vibration exercise training combined with VIBRACEUTICALS addresses this hurdle by not only improving the digestive process of nutrient uptake but also increasing nutrient delivery to the cells and peripheral tissues. If more nutrients and oxygen can get into the cell, then more healing can take place leading to greater cell function and therefore greater muscle, organ, glandular and body function and performance.

Body Vibe International is the first company to bring these critical concepts to the forefront of the vibration exercise training industry as well as being the first company to actually address the concern of “vibration induced nutrient deficiency” through our complete line of VIBRACEUTICALS products. These products are scientifically formulated to provide optimum, biochemical nutritional delivery at the cellular level.

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