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Are you finding it difficult or impossible to lose weight? Do you feel fatigued, depressed, or can’t sleep? Are your hormones out of control? Then realize this: understanding the correlation between your mind and your body is at the heart of your frustration. Our proprietary CD – MIND VIBE™– is based on decades of sound-wave research conducted by prominent scientists and researchers from around the world. Starting in the early 1950s, scientists discovered that specific sounds or vibrations could “relax” a person’s brain waves balancing their rhythm.

Daily life, toxic foods and damaging emotions all contribute to a breakdown in the normal production of “healthy” brain wave patterns. Over time these corrupted patterns accumulate, leading to reduced body function, slow metabolism, poor digestion, disturbed or deficient hormones, weight gain, low motivation and an under-functioning brain. Another way to think of this is to use the example of a computer. Computers that are not properly cared for – say, by failing to defrag the hard drive – can accumulate corrupted file hierarchies that lead to a slowdown in operating speed. Likewise, the brain – as the world’s most advanced computer – is also susceptible to a similar decline in organization or loss of file hierarchy, which leads to the same consequence as a poorly cared-for computer: slow computation power, or in other words, a slow metabolism!

Yes, the brain can heal itself to a certain degree, but the number of daily insults that modern-day humans are exposed to quickly over rides the brain’s potential to recover; and a buildup of disrupted brain patterns is the result. The use of advanced sounds and healing vibrations relaxes the brain so it can do the things it naturally does when it does not have to fight excess stress in its environment. A normal functioning brain has the capacity to “defrag,” or reorganize itself and bring these corrupted brain files back to balance which results in a renewed state of health for the user.

Weight gain is not the result of just eating too many calories. It is a complicated interaction or lack of interactions between many brain and body systems. Remember when you were younger, say, during your teen years, when you could eat or drink anything and never gain announces of fat? You barely exercised, you stayed up late and partied with your friends – and woke up skinnier than the day before. That was possible because your brain was young and healthy. It was highly organized in such as way as to be able to handle the insults of adolescence, and it never flinched an inch in response to these excesses. Then as you got older – in your 20s, 30s and 40s – your tolerance for food, alcohol and stress diminished. That extra bite at dinner the night before now turns into an apparent pound of fat the next morning. Even with exercise your body just is not functioning as it used to when you were younger.

You may be asking why is this happening? The answer lies in the above discussion of brain-wave patterns and corrupted “hard drive” files. Every bitter feeling you’ve experienced every bite of cake you’ve taken and every toxic compound you’ve breathed in your earlier years wears down the brain’s anatomical and physiological capacity to function normally. This leads to a reduced ability to tolerate future stressors, including even the consumption of regular food, resulting in unexplainable weight gain even when you think you are eating healthily and exercising sufficiently. It also leads to fatigue, disturbed sleep, loss of muscle mass, and hormone imbalances.

The modern medical consideration of “calories (energy) in versus calories (energy) expended” fails to take into account the above discussion of brain efficiency. If the brain is not efficient at digesting and assimilating all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in food because the brain cannot recognize these compounds with the same level of accuracy as it used to, then people typically will have cravings, feel hungry even if they just ate, and have to eat more food or calories to get the same level of nutrients as someone whose brain is functioning efficiently.

MIND VIBE™ relaxes the brain. A relaxed de-stressed brain has the inherent ability to organize itself in a healthier more efficient way. Stress in any form causes the brain to mis-fire which can lead to confused thinking or lack of healthy regulation of body function. If the brain is better organized and efficient at regulating the body then people typically can eat smaller portions of food and still get all the nutrients the body needs with less cravings!


Eat less food and get more nutrients – It’s just that simple!

In addition, new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain are created when it is in a more relaxed and balanced state according to new brain research. This causes an optimized state of brain harmony or balance that scientists call “whole brain is functioning.” High-level mental and physical performance occurs when the brain enters this harmonious state. On a purely mental level, many scientists believe this increased communication between the two hemispheres of the brain is what separates the Einstein’s, Da Vinci’s and Mozart’s from the rest of us.

Combining this brain relaxation technology with Whole Body Vibrationenhanced exercise training takes the entire bodily system to new levels of health, vitality and metabolic function! MIND VIBE™ relaxes the brain and the BODY VIBE™ exercises the brain to perform at its optimum capacity. The two technologies work together synergistically to optimize total fitness and vitality. A healthy body and mind means optimum fat-burning, vibrant energy levels, sound sleep and a slim and trim body. You can’t have a “hot” body if you don’t have a “hot” mind!

Most people know that exercising the body is a great way to improve fitness, feel better and improve physical health, but few understand the importance of “exercising” the brain, for dramatic effects in intellectual as well as physical performance. Dr. John Ratey, in his new book, “SPARK” discusses the connections between exercise and the brain. Over the last 5 year, incredible new research has emerged showing that exercise causes the brain to release a compound called Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor or “BDNF”. BDNF makes the brain undergo neurogenesis or Brain growth. It’s like watering your brain with Miracle -grow. New brain cells are created, new nerve connections are made and the brain actually grows in size.

Most people know that exercising the body is a great way to improve fitness, feel better and improve physical health, but few understand the importance of “exercising” the brain, for dramatic effects in intellectual as well as physical performance. Dr. John Ratey, in his new book, “SPARK” discusses the connections between exercise and the brain. Over the last 5 year, incredible new research has emerged showing that exercise causes the brain to release a compound called Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor or “BDNF”. BDNF makes the brain undergo neurogenesis or Brain growth. It’s like watering your brain with Miracle -grow. New brain cells are created, new nerve connections are made and the brain actually grows in size.

Many problems associated with dementia or Alzheimer disease results from the brain atrophying or shrinking in size. Bigger is better when it comes to brain size and function. The larger your hard drive and the faster the megahertz then the more data your home or business computer can store and the faster it can process information. The same reasoning applies to the brain.

In addition, if your brain looks good, then you look good. The brain is a holographic blueprint of the body. Every wrinkle, scar or age-related trauma that has appeared on your skin actually first appeared in the brain. It’s not that the brain actually has a scar, but rather the brain encodes for the scar matrix, as it does for all physical tissue manifestations. Scientist Robert Cosgrove Jr., Ph.D., M.D., an authority in medical engineering and pharmacology, noted that technologies that alter brainwave patterns with “appropriately selected stimulation protocols [have] been observed by us to be an excellent neuro-pathway exerciser. As such, we believe it has great potential for use in promoting optimal cerebral performance . . . Furthermore, the long-term effects of regular use. . On maintaining and improving cerebra performance throughout life and possibly delaying for decades the deterioration of the brain traditionally associated with aging is very exciting.”

In other words, if you could fix the errors in your brain, you could reset the aging process. Age-related symptoms such as weight- and fat gain, poor muscle tone, high cortisol levels, hair loss, skin wrinkles, weak and brittle nails, and even internal organ disturbances could be reversed and aging slowed considerably.

MIND VIBE™ combines powerful audio technology, placed – inaudibly – below relaxing music and environmental sounds, for the perfect healing combination. Listening to it creates instant meditation for the soul. Daily exposure to these deep meditative frequencies creates a supercharged environment for rapid brain learning and transformation. Emotional blockages melt away as the brain lets go of old limiting thought patterns that prevent true growth and fulfillment physically, mentally and emotionally. Weight loss requires a new mental picture of yourself physically as well as psychologically for lasting change.

There are three levels to the MIND VIBE™ CD series: Level one, or beginner. Level two, or intermediate. Level three, or advanced. Each level gives the brain and nervous system more input, which it adapts to, in the same way exercise gives the body more than it can handle physically, pushing it to grow stronger.

There are four categories of brain wave patterns:

The fastest is called a beta brain wave pattern which occurs during normal waking consciousness. Beta is associated with concentration, arousal, alertness and cognition. However, at its peak or most rapid levels, beta is associated with anxiety, panic, and fear.

The calmer one is the more likely they will enter into an alpha brain wave pattern. Alpha patterns transition from deep alpha, which is considered to be a profound state of relaxation, usually describe as a trance state between sleeping and waking, to the highest degree of alpha, which is relaxed but focused.

If you are focused to the point of losing the awareness of your environment around you then you are probably in an alpha state. “Super-learning” occurs when your brain enters this wave pattern. It is during this state that the brain has the ability to learn process, store and recall large amounts of data rapidly and efficiently.

The next slowest wave pattern is the theta wave. If you are dreaming and asleep then you are in a theta brain wave pattern. Other positive effects from this state include increased creativity, certain forms of super learning, or heightened memories. In addition, brainstorms tend to occur more often when a person is in the theta state.

Most importantly the theta state turns off self-sabotaging filters of the left brain according to Dr. Thomas Budzynski, a noted researcher in this field. He states ‘that if you want to make rapid positive change in beliefs patterns or habits a lot of work gets done very quickly ” when in this state.

Finally, theta is where we all take a deep breath and de-stress ourselves. In the slower theta brain wave pattern, the brain generates a large amount of anti-stress endorphins that melt away stress.

The slowest brain wave pattern is delta which occurs during dreamless sleep. In certain delta frequencies the brain releases pro-health compounds such as, human growth hormone, which decreases with age, resulting in many symptoms associated with aging such as poor muscle tone, weight gain, low lido, fatigue and disrupted sleep.


“Rupert Sheldrake describes our bodies as “nested hierarchies of vibrational frequencies” which appear as discreet systems functioning within larger more complicated systems, which themselves are contained within even larger and more complex vibrational structures. In fact, you can view the whole universe in this way, from sub-atomic particles, to the most intricate life forms, to the nebulae and galaxies themselves — all are resonating fields of pulsating energy in constant interaction with one another.…it becomes quite plausible that externally imposed vibration can have quite an influence on our physiology….every form, with its unique shape, size and density, vibrates within its own specific range of frequencies…

“…the beat frequencies associated with states of deep meditation are quite prevalent in such ancient ritual instruments as Tibetan “singing bowls”. These pulsations tend to quiet brainwave activity from our more normally active Beta states (around 14 – 20 Hz.) to the Theta and Delta states where predominant brainwave activity may drop to a range from 8 Hz. to as low as 0.5 Hz. in deepest meditative states.
“In our normal active (Beta) state, the sensory currents flow throughout our body and out into the world gathering perceptions. We process these physical, mental, and emotional sensations and navigate our environment accordingly, totally unaware of this subtle energy outflow.”…..“Over time, as one masters the ability to sustain focused attention at the third eye, the sounds become clearer and more powerful: a resounding bell being struck, a conch shell being blown, the beating of a large drum, the playing of harps, the flute, and finally a sound similar to bagpipes. It is interesting to note that human cultures the world over have created musical instruments which mimic these subtle sounds, perhaps as archetypal echoes reminding us from whence we have come, and as guideposts for our long journey back home.”

“This is the same path that has been navigated by the great masters, saints and teachers from all sacred traditions throughout the ages. In the Sufi lineage, it has been described in detail in the poems of Rumi, and the writings of Kabir and Hafiz. In the Western mystery schools it was revealed by Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato, to name but a few. These teachings describe a “souljourn” that is laid out within the template of our own bodies, and is therefore universal. It is a true science of sacred sound which is precise in its application, yet absolutely non-denominational in approach. If one is truly ready and willing, it can direct the courageous soul on a step-by-step process of emancipating one’s own consciousness!”

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