Weight Loss Solution using Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine by BodyVibe International

The Weight Loss Solution


Get Strong. Get fit. Be Beautiful. Achieve the body you’ve always desired! Our incredible Vibration Training machine, supported by decades of clinical research and thousands of hours of actual use, can do just that.

In just 10-20 minutes of vibration exercise training, 3-5 times per week you can reclaim control over your health, your weight and you’re aging. In order to understand how the Body Vibe System will help you with weight loss, let’s first review how the body actually gains weight.

All body function is dependent on calories and micronutrients to work properly. Food supplies a combination of calories and other nutrients. Calories come in the form of macro-nutrients called proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Nutrients called micro-nutrients come in the form of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and other co-factors. The most crucial step in digestion of food is the assimilation of micro-nutrients and not calories. It’s relatively easy for the body to absorb calories but progressively difficult to absorb micro-nutrients with advancing age.

In order to use calories properly and not have them stored as fat the body must have sufficient levels of micro-nutrients inside the blood stream and cells. If the micro-nutrients are not present in food or the body is damaged and can’t absorb the nutrients the calories can’t get burned properly and are stored as fat.

Consequently, weight loss is about having healthy digestion when it comes right down to it. A combination of exercise, eating the right amount, and small lifestyle changes usually is not sufficient in our modern world to ensure adequate nutrient levels necessary to maintain ones ideal weight and consequently most people gain about 10 pounds per decade of life. This can be enhanced.

The BODY VIBE in combination with our exclusive weight loss nutritional program gives the body the necessary nutrients and stimulation for optimum assimilation, distribution and utilization of micro-nutrients and calories. Body vibration enhanced exercise training improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the tissues which enhances cell metabolism function. It balances hormone levels like cortisol or insulin resistance. It stimulates muscle contraction which increases lean muscle mass production and ultimately metabolism. Taking the Vibraceuticals while training with Whole Body Vibration ensures sufficient nutrient levels in the body and enhancement of the cells innate ability to convert calories into cellular fuel or ATP.

Scientific Evidence, Proven Results

Research conducted at Sanaderm health clinic in Germany on the effects of vibration enhanced exercise training for cellulite reduction and fat loss demonstrated that six months of training a maximum of 11 minutes on the vibration platform reduced cellulite by 25.68 %. In addition when Vibration was combining with aerobic activity for 40 minutes they experienced a 32 % reduction cellulite (Sanaderm Health Clinic Germany).

The study evaluated the effect of vibration training in comparison to traditional training methods over a period of 6 weeks. Body fat % was reduced by 11.2 % compared to 10.6% in the traditional training group. Body fat reduction was greater in the vibration group and the total exercise time considerably less (Pneumex and S.Sordorff.PT, Sandpoint Idaho).

The effects of vibration training on weight loss were studied. The vibration training group had a net increase of 12 % in their resting metabolic rate after 3 months. Consequently, WBV can allow one to burn more calories compared to non-active individuals (Slim & Shape Centers Inc., Windsor Canada).

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