Wellness and Beauty

Scientific answer for total body sculpting without surgery.

If you want to improve body tone or decreasing cellulite and maintain or increase overall vitality, energy and fitness then the Body Vibe total fitness and wellness system is right for You. The Body Vibe has changed the fitness world through advanced technology coupled with cutting-edge nutritional science. Thousands of gentle muscle contractions stimulate and massage every muscle in your body. Gently and effectively toning, slimming and tightening every square inch of your body within minutes of stepping onto the plate. Its just that simple. You can incorporate it within your current workout for maximum gains or use it exclusively in place of regular training for those that lack the time or can not engage in resistance training.

Working out with free weights or weight-bearing equipment uses up vital energy reserves without really replacing the lost capacity. Micro-traumas to the muscles may not all be repaired because of reduced energy reserves secondary to poor diet, stress or over training.

Achieve equal, if not better, results in one third the time required to train using weights or other conventional exercise technologies. Improved digestion helps increase the amounts of nutrients available to regenerate or rejuvenate lost body function. Super-compensation of the neuro-muscular system or what is also known as, a hyper gravity state, accounts for the benefits presently discussed. When operating at 40 hertz for example, the user’s muscles are contracting and releasing 40 times per second, while sustaining the resistance equal to over 3.0 times the user’s body weight or 3 G’s.

Traditional resistance training methods provide resistance on a single linear axis whereas the Body Vibe’s resistance effects occur on multiple axis stimulating all the fibers within a given muscle group at the same time.

Vibration exercise training on the Body Vibe is used to significantly improve muscle strength and speed, flexibility, range of motion and coordination, blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body. Exercise expedites the recovery and regeneration of damaged tissue and ultimately, enhances the user’s general wellness and quality of life.