Scott Stoll, MD

We have really enjoyed the Body vibe. The programs and ease of use have been refreshing in comparison to the Power Plate. Patients have all responded favorably to treatment programs and we are seeing positive results including balance, strength, and confidence.

Michelle Monet

“I’m a business consultant that has no time to exercise. The Body Vibe is the only exercise I’ve ever used that has given me the results I was looking for, without taking up a lot of my time. Within 20 minutes, I’m able to get a complete full body workout, and I can do it in the convenience of my own home! Anyone that wants to stay fit or gets fit, but doesn’t have the time to go to gym; the Body Vibe is the ideal solution.”

Brooke, Las Vegas NV

“I have been using whole body vibration machines at my fitness center. They seem too strong for me. Getting my Body Vibe Unit has changed my life.  It is a much more gentle form of vibration. It invigorates me for the entire day . Sometimes I use it twice a day, just to recharge.  My feet have poor circulation and it has resolved that issue. I just love this machine.”

Serena, Pittsburgh PA

“I suffer from  bladder incontinence.  I read about using body vibration to strengthen the pelvic muscles.  Once I got the Body Vibe machine, I started to sit on it and do kegal exercise. Within one month, I noticed a huge difference and rarely suffer with incontinence any more.  So glad I tried this out.”

Jason, Tampa, FL

“I am a semi pro golfer.  Someone told me that Whole Body Vibration could help my golf game.  Once I tried the Body Vibe, I made it part of my daily workout. It has helped my balance and my swing. This unit would help any athlete improve their performance. It is even portable and I have taken it on the road with me..”

MaryLee, Scottsdale AZ

“My son has a lot of learning issues and behavior problems.  I read about the benefits of body vibration on the brain. Once, I got the Body Vibe set up , my son loved it. It calms him down if he is hyper and it gives him a fun way to exercise.  He has much less problems in his school work. I can only attribute it to the Body Vibe. I use it to get going in the mornings. It  is really invigorating.”