Why Whole Body Vibration Machines Are Gaining Popularity These Days

People are getting busy in their routine and don’t have enough time to look after their health and fitness. After the whole body vibration machines come into access to ordinary people, it makes their life easy. These machines not only reduce workout time but helps in toning body shape and reducing extra body fat without spending time on heavy stressful exercises, thus gaining popularity among people. 

Whole body vibration therapy was developed for athletes to increase the effectiveness of their training and fitness. It is a technique of working out while not working, known as passive exercise. Vibration platforms include in some regular conditioning and gym exercises such as squats, press-ups and step-ups. The therapy is undertaken by standing, sitting or doing activities on specifically designed equipment on a horizontal plane, at high frequencies to increase the impact. 

There are two main types of vibration systems that are oscillating and linear. Oscillating systems have higher amplitudes of oscillation and low frequencies, while linear systems have smaller amplitudes and high frequencies. Linear machines are popular with football and basketball players while oscillating devices are more popular in general. NASA studies show that astronaut prevents bone loss if they stand on a vibrating plate for ten to twenty minutes a day. 

Manufacturers claim those ten minutes of vibration a day is equivalent to one hour of workout. These machines cut the training time into half. Whole body vibration helps in improving muscle tone, blood circulation and accelerates weight loss. It results in increasing human growth hormone, boosting collagen production, increasing basal metabolic rate, reducing joint pain, decrease blood pressure, elevates serotonin and neutrophil levels, decrease recovery time, increase flexibility, better balance and coordination and toned and tightened skin.

The bone cell is sensitive to vibrations thus increasing bone density. This vibrating machine produces useful results if a person stands in bending knee position on the vibrating platform. Different machines come with varying features like speed, intensity. The most common setting of the device is 30 vibrations per second. These variations result in a contraction of the muscles that generates a wave of physiological changes that enhance physical strength, stability and proper blood flow.

These machines are as capable as treadmills. These machines are becoming common in the gym as well to relax the body from the stressful workout. People from physically able to disabled or elderly are taking advantage of these machines; these help people with joint pains also who’s have less mobility. Even doctors also recommend vibration machines in case of rehabilitation for the patients. But people should consult a physician if they have a serious cardiovascular problem, pacemaker, recent surgeries, hip, knee and shoulder implants, recent infections, tumors, metal plates, herniated discs, epilepsy, and severe diabetes or if pregnant.

Whole body vibrating machinesprovide more benefits than the traditional way of exercise in less time and with less effort. Make a choice before buying depending on the features you need.

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